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Our acclaimed LawnHopper care programme does everything you need for a glowing, healthy lawn. Regular feeding, weeding and moss control are all catered for, ensuring you get the best lawn care schedule for your garden.

  • Spring (Treatment 1)

    We kick start the beginning of the growing season with our first weed and feed lawn treatment. The grass is stimulated to ‘green up’ and grow with the application of a fertilizer that’s specifically designed for spring temperatures. We also apply a selective herbicide, targeting the early growth of all broad-leaf weeds.

    Carried out MAR-JUN. 

  • Early Summer (Treatment 2)

    This visit includes an application of a controlled-release fertilizer containing our special ‘no-scorch technology’ to deliver the necessary nutrients to your lawn during these months. We also apply a selective herbicide to defend against specific lawn weeds common at this time of year, including the hardier varieties.

    Carried out MAY-AUG.

  • Late Summer (Treatment 3)

    We apply a fertilizer that contains our special ‘no-scorch technology’ on this visit, which enables your grass to withstand hotter and drier temperatures. This also contains all of the nutrients that your lawn will require from July to October. The final selective herbicide of the year is included in this treatment and targets any remaining weeds which may still be present in the lawn.

    Carried out JUL-OCT. 

  • Autumn/Winter (Treatment 4)

    An especially iron-rich treatment controls moss and offers a stunning dark-green colour. Along with strengthening the sward, it also helps prepare for our highly recommended, beneficial machine work treatments.

    Carried out SEP-MAR. 

  • Core Aeration (Machine Work)

    Every lawn will benefit from annual Core Aeration as it relieves the compaction that has formed over the year. Aeration offers air the chance to circulate, as well as enabling water to reach the grass roots, improving growth and preventing disease. This process also allows the LawnHopper fertilizers to penetrate below the surface level. The cores left on the lawn are allowed to break down as they act as a ‘top dressing’. We can remove these if preferred at an additional charge. Alternatively, we can carry out the Machine Scarification treatment soon after your lawn has been aerated. in doing this, the cores would be broken up and removed as part of the scarification process.

    Carried out SEP-MAY.

  • Scarification (Machine Work)

    Every lawn will benefit from annual Machine Scarification as it helps control moss and remove thatch – a fibrous layer produced by grass clippings and other organic matter. Neglecting this process will lead to the lawn lacking essential water and oxygen, triggering disease. We guarantee that all debris clippings are hand raked, bagged up and taken away – at no extra cost.

    Carried out SEP-MAY. 

  • Lawn Regeneration Programme

    Some lawns can be in such a poor condition that they require a complete regeneration to restore them back to full health.

    If your lawn is at this point, we have an alternative to re-turfing available to you at a fraction of the cost.

    Please contact us today to find out more.

  • Lawn-Relief

    Lawn-Relief is a specific lawn treatment for stressed grass and was developed with lawn care in mind to generate a quick response in terms of turf colour and health after a period of stressful weather, whatever the time of year.

    You’ll see improvements in your lawn’s health within weeks due to Lawn-Relief’s unique blend of nutrients and amino acids to aid recovery growth, wetting agents for a quick uptake and response, and iron which gives an immediate colour and revitalisation and can help with moss.

  • Lawn-Abzorb Water Conserver & Drought Management Treatment

    LawnHopper® now offer Lawn-Abzorb lawn treatment. This water management treatment enables water to move faster and deeper into the soil. This allows water molecules to spread out and penetrate and wet the soil more easily. A single application lasts up to five months, meaning just one annual treatment is required.

  • Seeding Work

    LawnHopper offers a re-seeding service using the finest professional grade grass seed and compost/top soils.

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