LawnHopper: A Trusted Choice For Local Lawn Care Services

Lawns are a defining feature of any garden, yet it’s remarkably difficult to achieve that picture-perfect stretch of green when faced with the unpredictability of the Great British weather. Unless, that is, you partner with a professional lawn care service.

For over 20 years, LawnHopper has been helping homeowners across the UK transform their turf into luscious green carpets, with lawn care advice and treatments that you can rely on. To celebrate the launch of our new website, let us explain why our customers choose us…

Beautiful lawns, all year round

Summer may be the season where you spend the most time outdoors, but your lawn treatment programme should be a year-round commitment. Our experts know that all too well, which is why we adapt our treatment to the season to ensure your grass always looks at its best.

From fertilizers and herbicides that nurture a thick, weed-free turf during the spring and summer, to lawn scarification and aeration during the winter, we offer a complete lawn service that takes maintenance off your hands. So you can spend more time enjoying your garden, instead of tending to it!

Botanical problem solvers

Some lawns have a mind of their own, and it can be hard to keep your turf under control when things begin to go awry. Perhaps your pets have scuffed a grass spot to ribbons, or maybe you struggle to keep your lawn hydrated during the summer months.

Whatever the case, our lawn care experts can tailor a solution. Our comprehensive treatments include growth regulator for grass, water conservation methods, lawn repair and grass seeding services, so you can be sure that when there’s a problem with your lawn, we’re here to help.

Payments made simple

We know that you don’t want to spend all day waiting around for your local lawn care service. So once you’ve booked your appointment with LawnHopper, just make sure that we have access to the garden – our team will take it from there.

At the end of our visit, we’ll slip an invoice through your letterbox with all the details you need, then you can simply send a cheque by post, or settle by credit/debit card with participating branches. It’s just another way that we make life easier for our customers.

A trusted choice for lawn care in Liverpool, Newcastle, Essex and beyond, LawnHopper offers a professional yet straightforward service designed to save you time and hassle. And because we have all the tools and treatments your lawn needs, it’s far more cost-effective than undertaking a lawn care programme yourself.

Looking for the best lawn care around? Book your free lawn survey today with one of our fully trained local service providers to discover how we could transform your turf.