Essential Lawn Care Advice For Winter

When biting frost and fading sunlight stray into your garden, it’s a sign that winter is here. The nippier weather can put any botanical enthusiast off their lawn maintenance, and we don’t blame them – the tough ground and conditions take some of the joy out of it.

Your garden, however, will suffer from this neglect. Turf needs to be tended throughout the year, otherwise its condition will deteriorate. To help you weather those winter months, we’ve put together some essential lawn care advice.

A nutritional change

The appearance of your garden depends on the nutritional state of your grass. In winter, growth slows to a halt and fertilisers are less effective. As such, it’s crucial to know what kind of fertiliser to use and in what quantities if you want to keep your lawn well nourished.

LawnHopper provides lawn care that’s tailored to the winter growth cycle; it’s part of our comprehensive lawn treatment programme. Some of these changes may involve switching to iron-rich compounds, which strengthen vegetation and protect it from winter diseases.

Scarifying your lawn

You may not have noticed, but there may be some leftover shrapnel from your autumn lawn trimming, which, as frost and ice creep in, could harm your turf’s condition. Thatch is hard to get rid of at the best of times – more so when it’s had a chance to accumulate, depriving your garden of sunlight, oxygen and water.

That’s why we recommend a thorough scarifying treatment to fight the build-up. Our lawn experts take a professional scarifying machine to your greenery, breaking the layer of thatch on top. Afterwards, we’ll rake all the dead vegetation away, leaving the whole space looking spick and span.

Airing out those differences

Although there’ll be plenty of moisture spread across your turf, winter can be deceptive. You may think that the rain and melted snow are getting the roots of your plants, but this probably won’t be the case, unless you’re taking advantage of a lawn aerator to provide good drainage into the soil.

As we trample over our gardens, dirt and fallen leaves are naturally flattened and compacted; with diligent lawn maintenance, this is rarely a problem, yet it can blindside you when the ground is frozen solid. As part of our lawn care programme, we carry out a full aeration service to loosen the soil. It allows water to filter evenly throughout the deepest sections of your grass, so you know all that liquid is put to good use.

As a seasoned garden care provider in Runcorn, NorthamptonEdinburgh and nationwide, LawnHopper has seen it all when it comes to blankets of frost, sleet and snow on turf. Our mission is to rescue your outdoor space from the clutches of a long season – no one does it better, or at a fairer rate.

Book a free lawn survey today, and we’ll discuss the bespoke treatments you require. Our capabilities are always growing, even when your garden isn’t!