Our Services

Our acclaimed LawnHopper care programme does everything you need for a glowing, healthy lawn. Regular feeding, weeding and moss control are all catered for, ensuring you get the best lawn care schedule for your garden.

  • Spring

    As the growing season begins, our lawn treatment programme focuses on promoting thick, healthy green grass from February through to May. This involves diligent application of fertilizer and herbicide, preventing broad-leaf weeds from working their way into your turf.

  • Early Summer

    During the early summer months of May to July, our lawn care experts use special non-scorch fertilizer to treat your turf. This ensures your grass continues to look vibrant as the temperatures rise, while our herbicide solutions keep hardier lawn weeds, such as trefoil, at bay.

  • Late Summer

    From July to October, we nourish your lawn with the right nutrients to give your grass a gorgeous ‘summer green’ colour. Our programme also includes continuous use of herbicides, ensuring that your garden remains vibrant through to the end of the season

  • Autumn/Winter

    As autumn approaches, we prepare your garden for the colder months, applying an iron-rich treatment to strengthen your grass before winter. Our experts also combat moss settling into your lawn, ahead of our core aeration and lawn scarification over the coming season.

  • Core Aeration

    We can provide core aeration as part of our lawn treatment programme. Compaction – the result of heavy traffic on your lawn – can damage the turf’s condition over time. Our professional, hollow-tine lawn aerators relieve this tension, meaning that air and water will have a much greater chance of reaching your roots.

  • Lawn Scarification

    Scarifying your lawn will remove moss and thatch that’s managed to pile up. Thatch layered over your terrain can encourage disease and further afflictions. Our lawn scarification will ensure your lawn looks its best once more; we’ll even rake away the cuttings, taking the waste away to save you time, money and effort.