Customer Testimonials

There are literally hundreds of reasons why your lawn would benefit from the LawnHopper® treatment programme...


“After moving into our home, we noticed that our lawns, just like those of our neighbours, were full of weeds, moss and looking rather threadbare. Rather than follow the rest of the street in buying ‘over the counter’ remedies, we contacted LawnHopper for expert advice. With regular treatments, we can now proudly boast of a completely weed free, lush, deep green lawn – in fact it is over two years since we last saw a weed so we are very much the envy of all our neighbours. Our lawn gets lots of use in the summer from all the family, BBQ’s, parties, paddling pools etc but with our programme of quarterly visits from LawnHopper the grass never shows signs of wear. Many thanks for your continued service.”

Mr B. (Darlington)

Hard copies of all testimonials are kept at Head Office.